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Larisa Vödisch-Nikitina


About Me

My name is Larisa Vödisch-Nikitina. I am a musicologist and composer who graduated from the Music Academy in Vilnius (Lithuania). You can hear my music on YouTube under the name Larisa Voedisch (also Larisa Vödisch).

In Lithuania, I worked as a music journalist for State Radio. I wrote many scripts for music programs with actors. Now, I write screenplays.

In 2021, I was a finalist in various screenwriting competitions and finally won at the Golden Harvest Film Festival in Tokyo with my short script

“A Gray Mouse.”

In 2022, I won at the Houston Comedy Film Festival with my short script “Dreams Are But Shadows.”

In 2023, I was a winner two times at SIFF (Swedish International Film Festival) with my short scripts “Quiet Quitting” and “Texas Holdem” and later at the French International Modern Film and Script Festival in Paris with the screenplay “Anybody But A Millionaire!” and at the Women’s Independent Film & Television Festival in Boston with the screenplay “No Room For Them.”
In 2024, my short screenplay „CINDERELLA’S GLASS SLIPPERS” won at the Prague Screenplay Awards, and my science-fiction feature screenplay „THE THIRD EYE OF SHIVA”  won at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (Platinum).

You can see some of my diplomas here: